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Xiaomii Viomi Fast Cooking Automatic Rice Cooker 3L White VXFB30C-1


  • Fast Cooking – Fast cooking in 28 minutes, no rush after work. Choose fast-cooking mode, greatly improve the cooking speed, make cooking easier and faster
  • Smart Temperature sensing – The upper cover is equipped with a temperature sensor, which can accurately sense the temperature in the pot and automatically adjust it, so as to finish cooking rice and avoid overflow
  • 24-Hour Appointment – Built in 24-hour intelligent reservation function, put in ingredients before going out, you can enjoy them when you go home from work.
  • Multi-Function – Multi functional menu, life from complex to simple Multi functional menu, cooking rice, porridge, soup, all kinds of excellent pot can meet the needs of the whole family
  • Easy Cleaning – Imported nonstick coating, scratch-resistant and durable, rice porridge is not at the bottom, It’s easy to wash.