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Xiaomi Robot Vacuum-Mop 2 pro

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Xiaomi Mi Mop 2 Pro Vacuum Cleaner Robot

The Xiaomi Mi Mop 2 Pro Vacuum Cleaner Robot presents several improvements and updates about the other Mi Mop 2 versions, so now it incorporates a high-frequency sonic vibration mop to remove the most difficult stains and it can suck up to 3000 Pa. It has a cleaning capacity of 150m2 with one charge, thanks to the high-performance battery of 5200 mAh.

This automatic vacuum cleaner robot has the Cortex™-A53 quad-core chip, allocated with the SLAM algorithm, which provides real-time positioning and path planning, and with the LSD technology, it scans the zone and allows you to select the order of cleaning of your house, whether for levels up to 5 floors or for zones.

It includes 4 cleaning modes: sweeping of dust even on edges and around corners, rotating with a high-speed brush, deep vacuuming, and filtering. Besides, it comes with 3 water level settings so the mop pad receives the exact among of water. This Xiaomi vacuum cleaner robot is controlled by the Xiaomi Home app, via Wi-Fi, inclusive with the remote-control feature so you can control cleaning wherever you are.



- Updated LDS Navigation System.

- 3000Pa Powerful Suction.

- High-frequency sonic vibration mopping.

- Removable High-capacity Dust Bag& Water Tank.

- Full configuration upgrade.

- Mi Home/Xiaomi Home App Control.

- Taking mopping power to the next level.

- 6 cliff sensor, floating main brush, extension sensor,20mm climbing height.

- Integrated bottom armor, Lidaranti-collision sensor.

- APP intelligent control, to achieve more personalized control functions.

- The mopping cleaning power is greatly upgraded.

- The mop could find the best clean strategy based on different scenario via “Y“Shaped, repeat, edge.

- 450ml dust bag.

- electronical control water tank.

- MiRobot Vacuum-Mop 2 Pro.

- Lidar‘svolume is reduced from 409cm to 165cm Product model:

Mi Robot Vacuum-Mop 2 Pro Path planning:

LDS Battery capacity:

5200mAh Cleaning mode:

Sweep&Mop,Mop,Sweep Climbling ability:

20mm Suction power:

3000Pa Auto-recharge&resume cleaning:

yes Function:

- Room recognition.

- Set virtual wall/set forbidden area/set specific room to clean.

- electronical control water tank.

- “Y´´ shaped mopping Accessories.

- Main brush.

- side brush.

- 450ml dust bag Google assistant & alexa:


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Features Xiaomi Mi Mop 2 Pro Vacuum Cleaner Robot