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Xiaomi Mi 50W Power Bank 20000mAh

Xiaomi MI 50W Power Bank 2000, 20000mah, USB-C Input/Output Plus 2 USB-A Output, Charge 3 Devices Simultaneously, Output Upto 50W, Black

The strong portable power supply for when you have 1 or more empty devices! Thanks to the Xiaomi Mi 50W power bank 20000mAh you always have enough power behind you to charge even 3 devices at the same time. Also laptops like the MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, HP and Dell devices can be charged with this powerbank!

With this top device you get all the electrical power you need for your work at home needs. The powerbank delivers no less than 50 Watt, where you can fully charge the latest Xiaomi smartphones in 44 minutes! An iPhone 12, for example, can be fully charged 4 times in the process.

Also MacBook's, tablets, cameras and even the Nintendo Switch can charge the Xiaomi Mi 50W powerbank 20000mAh in no time. As long as the device has a USB type-A or type-C input and you plug it into the power bank, the Xiaomi Mi 50W power bank will provide the necessary electricity in no time. So that you can quickly continue!

Tight appearance

With the UV lacquer treatment, the integrated casing of the MI 50W Powerbank feels very smooth, but above all it looks excellent. The top and bottom of the unit are coated with a ceramic-like gloss. This ensures an overall perfect look of your Mi 50W Powerbank 20000mAh. With its compact design and low weight of 430 grams, you can also easily take this powerbank with you! The Mi 50W Powerbank is also approved to be taken on board an airplane.

Xiaomi has obviously also thought about safety. The Mi 50W Powerbank 20000mAh has high quality and very accurate capacity and induction sensors. Together with the advanced circuit chips, these factors provide extra safety. As a user, this does give you the peace of mind you are looking for. There is also temperature protection, short circuit protection, reset protection and overcurrent protection on the input and output. For smaller (Bluetooth) devices like the Xiaomi Mi Band 6 or earbuds like the Mi True Wireless Earphones 2 Pro, there is the special low-current option, which also charges these devices safely.

    • Extra fast charging of all your powerful electronic devices with the Type USB-C port
    • High-performance lithium-ion battery with high power of 74 Wh
    • 3-port output
    • Supports low-current charging
    • Supports fast 2-way charging