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Xiaoda Water Heater Tap HD-JRSLT06


Easy to connect, install and use

Xiaoda HD-JRSLT06 faucet attachment does not require replacement of the pipeline. It can be easily installed on a standard mixer and will allow you to adjust the flow of cold and hot water to your liking.

Heat the water in 3 seconds

Xiaoda HD-JRSLT06 adopts an advanced heating method and durable stainless steel heating tube. It takes only 3 seconds to heat the water, which is very convenient for washing dishes and cooking.

Hot and cold switch rotation control

The Xiaoda HD-JRSLT06 faucet nozzle is equipped with two water outlets. You can precisely control the hot and cold water flow switch by gently turning the housing knob.

Adjusting the water temperature

The water temperature using Xiaoda HD-JRSLT06 can be adjusted in the range of 30-50 ° C, and the LED display integrated into the body allows you to clearly see and control the temperature range, which is very convenient in everyday use.

Simple assembly and disassembly design

Xiaoda HD-JRSLT06 has a junction installation design and can be directly connected to your faucet.

In addition to the faucet attachment, there are 6 adapter kits and 1 universal connector type that fit standard mixers.

User safety concern

The innovative hydroelectric separation technology in Xiaoda HD-JRSLT06 device completely isolates the current and water flow to ensure the safety of the user.

IPX4 protection level

The body of the Xiaoda HD-JRSLT06 faucet nozzle has a body that is reliably protected from splashing water in accordance with the IPX4 standard.


  1. It is not recommended to use low pressure water such as water tanks. Do not modify or install water purifiers, nozzles, or other blocking components on the water outlet.
  2. Xiaoda HD-JRSLT06 must be tested with water and electricity before leaving the factory. A small amount of water droplets remain on the housing, and a small amount of lubricating oil is applied to the switch connection interface. The above is normal.
  3. When installing the nozzle on the mixer, be sure to supply water before turning it on, and it is strictly forbidden to install it at an angle or upside down.