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Personalized and elegant appearance: using water transfer printing technology, using water pressure, manual operation, personalized color painting is printed on the surface, the appearance is unique and beautiful

2nd temperature range: 170-185°C, suitable for normal or dazzling, slightly curly hair, 195-210C, suitable for thick, curly, coarse hair

4-fold anti-scalding design: One layer: 3D anti-scalding comb teeth, the thermal conductive sheet is hidden under the comb teeth and does not directly contact the skin

Double: thermal insulation rock wool, blocking the heat transfer of the comb to the shell, not easy to burn

Triple: handle, use 30min temperature only 47°C, no hot feeling when touched directly

Quadruple: Overheating protection, NTC thermistor temperature sensing, overheating stops working

PTC constant temperature intelligent control: change the traditional double-splint hair straightening method, adopt integrated PTC heating element, safe and reliable; avoid high and low temperature to damage the hair; three-dimensional cyclic heating, straighten hair/curls through physical effects, healthy and no damage.

Rated voltage: 220V

Rated power: 40W

Product size/weight: 286x70x50mm/0.34kg

Packing size/weight: 305x95x60mm/0.58kg

Product material: tourmaline ceramic coating

Power plug: British standard three-pin