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3-in-One Device – Clear Up Your Desk

TP-LINK's 300Mbps Wireless ADSL2+ Modem Router TD-W8960N is an incredibly robust 3-in-one device which contains features of an ADSL2+ Modem, a 300Mbps Wireless Router, and a 4-Port 10/100M Switch. It saves your budget and space in contrast to buying several devices separately. The downstream bandwidth of the modem can reach up to 24Mbps, meeting the needs for most home and office service plans.

Incredible Wireless Experience

With two detachable antennas, the TD-W8960N adopts the MIMO technology to deliver up to 300Mbps, which is ideal for users who rely on speedy and reliable connections for bandwidth intensive work or entertainment such as lag-free conference calls, HD video streaming and online gaming.

Two Work Modes for Flexible Uses

The TD-W8960N provides two work modes to choose from: ADSL Modem Router Mode and Wireless Router Mode. If you are using ADSL service to get Internet, select the first mode. If you are using a cable, fiber, or other types of Internet service, select the second mode and configure it as a pure wireless router. Such flexibility saves your investment and is useful when you decide to change your service provider.

IP-Based Bandwidth Control - Secure the Quality of Service

With Quality of Service (QoS), you can control how much bandwidth is allocated to each user. This ensures optimum utilization of bandwidth by controlling congestion and preventing bandwidth abuse. This way users of a small network receive committed and specific bandwidth, preventing non-critical applications from degrading network performance.

Easy To Use

The TD-W8960N comes with a Quick Setup Wizard in its web management page that leads you through a step-by-step process to set up your modem router. You don't need to install any software or use a CD to finish the setup. Within minutes, your modem router will be up and running.

Other Features

  • Support up to 10 IPSec VPN tunnels
  • Wi-Fi On/Off Button allows users to turn their wireless radio on and off
  • Support WPS
  • Support 100-240V power supply