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Regular price $170
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 Fill your party space with sound-Bring the festival sound to birthdays, special occasions and spur of the moment gatherings. Long distance bass sound delivered by the JET BASS BOOSTER allows your partygoers to enjoy even more powerful music.

  • Angled tweeters-Fill the room with party sound thanks to angled tweeter units that spread sound wider.
  • Feel the beat even at long distances with JET BASS BOOSTER-A tapered bass reflex duct structure concentrates the airflow of the bass sound, so you can hear it clearly and feel it physically, wherever you are in the crowd and over long distances.
  • Unleash your inner pop star-Sing along to your favourite tunes. A mic input makes the MHC-V02 the perfect companion for karaoke parties.
  • Build energy with speaker lighting-Pump up the atmosphere with club-like LED speaker illumination.
  • Voice Control via Fiestable-Change track, turn on the light, flash all the colours just by speaking.
  • Enjoy high-quality Bluetooth streaming with LDAC-LDAC sends approximately three times more data (at the maximum 990 kbps transfer rate) than conventional Bluetooth audio for a superior wireless listening experience
  • Tripod compatible-Using a built-in mounting hole, the MHC-V02 can be set on a tripod speaker stand for an elevated position, so sound can be projected even more effectively to even more people – whether they’re sitting or standing