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Designed for sparkling beverage fans, health-conscious people, and those who care about the environment, SODAMIX is the most convenient way to make your drink with real fruits and flavors and the bubbles you crave! Make your own sparkling water with SODAMIX CO2 Cylinder


  • Premium Quality Lightweight Aluminum Cylinder
  • Filled with 425 grams of food grade carbon dioxide to make your water and favorite drinks fizzy
  • Easy to operate and Convenient to fill
  • Home delivery gas exchange service anywhere in the UAE
  • Compatible with all type of Soda Maker Machines
  • Makes up to 60L of Carbonating Drinks

It's simple, just order an exchange, get it delivered with 24-48 hours, and we'll refill and reuse your old cylinder helping to keep the planet green. We aim to reuse every CO2 gas cylinder, so they don’t end up in our oceans and keeps the environment healthy.

Sodamix has helped reduce millions of single-use plastic bottles using tons of flavorful, good-for-you fizz, and a whole lot of bubble love. Add a burst of excitement to your water today!


Features & details

  • EASY EXCHANGE / HOME DELIVERY SERVICE: When your Sodamix CO2 cylinder gets empty, you can exchange it with our “gas exchange home delivery service”. We will swipe your empty cylinder for a full one within 24 to 48 hours from any corner in the UAE. Simply call us or order online at any time.
  • CARBONATES ANY DRINK: Each Sodamix CO2 gas cylinder carbonates up to 60L of beverages. You can make fresh sparkling water, fresh juice soda, bubbly cocktails, etc. Make it your way, from lightly carbonated to super fizzy, meet the needs of different tastes. Keep an extra Sodamix CO2 gas cylinder so you won't have to run out of bubbles.
  • SAFE & COMPATIBLE: Sodamix Co2 cylinder made of premium quality aluminum, comes a safety valve, and filled with food grade CO2. It is compatible with most soda maker machines i.e., Soda Stream, Bubble Bro, Drinkmate, Aarke. Sodamix has maintained the high-quality standards to ensure safety and purity of the CO2 refills.
  • ENVIRONMENT-FRIENDLY: One SODAMIX CO2 cylinder makes up to 60L of sparkling water and beverages, replacing over 120 single-use plastic bottles, thus saving the planet earth from plastic and cans pollution. By using our SODAMIX, you can enjoy the homemade sparkling drinks without throwing away plastic bottles.
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED – LIFETIME WARRANTY: All Sodamix CO2 cylinders come with a lifetime warranty (applies only in UAE). We promise every customer a 100% shopping satisfaction, feel free to reach us if you have any questions about your purchase.