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Furnish your home smarter and more modern with lights you can control remotely. Having to turn off the lights when you're already under the warm blanket is sometimes a daunting task. The Xiaomi Mi Led Ceiling Lamp has found a solution for this.

This light can be called smart because it can be controlled with your smartphone. So you can enjoy unlimited comfort. You can at all times choose from different settings for light temperature and brightness intensity. Set the lamp exactly as you want it. For example, switch the lamp on only at certain times with the Timer function and integrate the lamp fully into your smart home with Mi Home, Google Assistant, Apple HomeKit or Amazon Alexa.

The Ceiling Light 450mm also serves as a Bluetooth Gateway for all your other devices. These devices can then connect through the Xiaomi Ceiling Light and integrate into your smart home.

Easy to install

This model is very easy to install so you can enjoy your new ceiling light in no time. You can easily control the Mi Smart LED Ceiling Light with the Mi Home app. This app is available for both Android and iOS. By using your smartphone, you have total control over this light. Optionally, you can even control the lamp with the Remote Control or Dimmer.

The light source is designed for rooms up to about 25 square meters. The brightness intensity is adjustable from 50 to 3000 lumens. You can create the best atmosphere in every corner of the house with this ceiling light by adjusting the color temperature to your liking!

The lamp reproduces colors in a very reliable way with a high Colour Rendering Index of CR95. You can vary between cold white light and warm white light, for example if you want more atmosphere in the room. The Kelvin amount is adjustable from 2700 to 6000. In Moonlight mode the lamp can keep the brightness very low, so you can still enjoy an atmospheric lamp in the evening and at night.  

    • High quality ceiling lamp
    • Very bright with 3000 lumens
    • Set it up as you wish
    • Integrate into your smart home