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M1 lazer projection keyboard

Regular price $50

Heartbeat Laser Projection Keyboard stands out as one of the best among the laser keyboards as it's the absolute jack of all trades. It can keep your phone or tablet on it to provide a more comfortable setup or a workspace on your table. Also with its smart standby function, your phone still stays connected to it even when you have a phone call. 

Heartbeat will make you forget about the traditional keyboards with its accurate recognition, and the multi-touch mouse and keyboard system. You can zoom in and out on photos, and turn pages as you wish. It can work non-stop for almost an hour on a single charge.

It is innovatively designed with calculated round keys to prevent pressing on the wrong keys when typing. It assures you to be the best portable companion wherever you go because it also has a power bank function to charge your smartphone! 

What more can you expect from a laser keyboard? 

It supports Windows, IOS, and Androidoperating systems, which means it’s made for everyone who needs Heartbeats urgent laser keyboard services.

AGS is another Wireless Laser Keyboardthat amazes us with its usefulness, especially if you have an urgent need for a keyboard setup to prepare a report or reply to an email. It works wonders if you have a small place to work and will be a perfect fit for your table.

AGS supports IOS, Windows, and Android and comes with a QWERTY keyboard. It allows you to type up to 350 characters per minute and has a 1,000 maH Ion battery that can last for 3.3 hours on a single charge. For a keyboard, AGS is exceeding a lot of expectations, as it not only helps you get your work done remotely but also saves you a great deal of time doing that. Just in case you need it, it can be turned to the Mouse Mode using the function keys.