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Huawei watch ultimate

$550 - $555
Color: Black zircon-based amorphous alloy case -Black HNBR strap
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Regular price $550
Regular price $575 Sale price $550

Huawei Watch Ultimate Black

  • 1.5 inches LTPO AMOLED color screen
  • Zircon-based Amorphous Alloy Case
  • Innovative Liquid Metal Material
  • 100m Diving Technology
  • Professional Health Management
  • All-new Expedition Mode
  • Android and iOS


Huawei Watch Ultimate Black


Pinnacle of Tech and Design
Built with an Edge

HUAWEI WATCH Ultimate’s zirconium-based Liquid Metal case, a first on a smart watch, is stronger and more wear and corrosion-resistant. Which means it’s built to withstand the rigors of even the most challenging terrain, from desert dunes to majestic mountains.


The VOYAGE BLUE is inspired by the sailboat design with its four hollowed-out corners, embodying the spirit of the open sea and those who dare to take it on!

The deep blue nano-tech ceramic bezel brings the mystery and allure of the ocean out into the open, and on to your wrist!

Match the watch with an elegant and durable aviation-grade titanium strap, to make your presence felt at meetings, get-togethers, and formal occasions. The HUAWEI WATCH Ultimate VOYAGE BLUE even comes with a professional diving strap!


HUAWEI WATCH Ultimate EXPEDITION BLACK is made for those who dare to dream, with its iconic red-and-black ceramic ring design, nano-tech sophistication, and formidable tachymeter, giving you the power and passion to go above and beyond!

HUAWEI WATCH Ultimate’s 360° compass-inspired bezels are sure to bring out your inner explorer!

Pair the watch with the high-elastic, lightweight HNBR strap to enjoy a skin-soothing feel, and highly-durable properties like water resistance and low-temperature tolerance.

Get a Glimpse, Learn a Lot

The 1.5-inch LTPO AMOLED screen fits snugly under the sapphire watch dial and provides the essential info at a glance, so that each dive and climb can be performed with absolute confidence.

Showcase Your Style

Create a custom watch face from a Gallery image, or choose from the myriad of downloadable watch faces, then mix-and-match to find the look and layout that speaks to you.

Plunge to New Depths
Standout Water Resistance

HUAWEI WATCH Ultimate gives you the freedom to take on more challenging dives, thanks to its 16-structure water-resistant design and micron-level water-proof filter.

A Sea of Possibilities

Diverse diving modes like recreational scuba diving, technical scuba diving, gauge mode diving and free diving, flexible settings, and high-level data make HUAWEI WATCH Ultimate a diver’s best friend.

Built for the Bold at Heart

HUAWEI WATCH Ultimate is the first smart watch to offer a 100-metre scuba diving mode, with a range of pro-level diving algorithms and diving guidance. High-level metrics like CEIL are also available, to give you unmatched peace of mind, as you plumb the depths of the ocean.

Take it to the Limit

The newly-interactive free diving mode supports 100-metre depth recording, flexible settings, and dive curve logs, giving you everything you need to embrace new adventures!

An Outdoor Overachiever
Stay the Course

HUAWEI WATCH Ultimate’s all-new Expedition Mode is backed by Dual-Band Five-System GNSS to ensure more accurate positioning. Its specially designed dim mode makes it easy to read in dimly-lit environments, whether it’s a night by the campfire or hike under the stars.

HUAWEI WATCH Ultimate’s all-new Expedition Mode is backed by Dual-Band Five-System GNSS to ensure more accurate positioning. Its specially designed dim mode makes it easy to read in dimly-lit environments, whether it’s a night by the campfire or hike under the stars.

Continuous location markings and Route Back navigation will get you back on track if you ever stray far off the beaten path.

Safeguards Your Health

HUAWEI WATCH Ultimate captures dynamic heart rate and other health indicators with remarkable precision, while continuing to monitor crucial data during workouts, such as SpO2 and real-time heart rate. It will even send out timely alerts whenever it detects something abnormal, like a low oxygen level or high heart rate.

100+ Workout Modes

With 20+ professional and 100+ basic fitness modes, this watch covers the outdoor activities of your dreams, from hiking to cross-country running to mountain climbing. Precision tracking gives you access to a wealth of data, including calories, distance, route, and beyond, with plenty of tips along the way to enhance your enjoyment of the scenery.

Intelligent Outdoor Power Management

When an outdoor mode like Walking, Hiking or Trail Running is enabled, you can customise the watch screen to get only the most essential info at a glance, and benefit from smart power management modes, which take your immediate and long-term needs into account.

2-Week Battery Life

HUAWEI WATCH Ultimate offers blazing-fast wireless charging, and once fully charged, it can last for 14 days before needing another boost, making it a reliable companion on your outdoor adventures.

Swing Like a Pro

The watch records a myriad of golf swing data, including swing speed, swing tempo, backswing time, and downswing time. Driving range mode follows your swing down to the last detail, with handy demos and tips to take your game to new heights.

Bursting with Life
All-Day Health Management

The HUAWEI TruSeen 5.0+ technology enhances the accuracy of heart rate readings during strenuous workouts, harnessing eight photoelectric sensors, two groups of light sources, an upgraded AI algorithm, and curved glass lens.

With SpO2 measurements, made possible by HUAWEI TruSeen 5.0+ heart rate monitoring technology, you can rest assured knowing that when it comes to HUAWEI WATCH Ultimate, caring runs in the blood!

An ever-ready stress monitor is on hand to track and manage any daily trials and tribulations, with calming breath exercises to help ease your mind.

The HUAWEI TruSleep 3.0 sleep monitoring algorithm identifies key sleep states, with sleep quality scores and personalized advice on how to get the best possible night’s rest.

Bluetooth Calling

Answer and reject incoming calls, send out custom quick replies, and view call logs, to stay plugged in even when you’re checking out.




Brand Huawei

Color Blue

Model Number CLB-B19


Type Smartwatch

What’s in the Box

  • 1 x Watch
  • 1 x Charging Cradle (including the charging cable)
  • 1 x Quick Start Guide & Safety Information


  • Display Type AMOLED
  • Display Size 1.5 Inches
  • Resolution 466 x 466


  • Waterproof 100 m


  • NFC Yes
  • Bluetooth Version V 5.2
  • Sensors Accelerometer sensor | Gyroscope sensor | Magnetometer sensor | Optical heart rate sensor | Barometer sensor | Temperature sensor | Depth sensor


  • Battery life Typical usage: 14 days | Heavy usage: 8 days
  • Charging Mode Wireless


  • Dimensions 48.5 x 48.5 x 13 mm
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