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Samsung just unveiled its Galaxy Buds Live TWS earphones with one-of-a-kind aesthetics and active noise cancellation.

Samsung arrange all components horizontally to achieve the bean shape, that it feels follows the shape of the outer ear. That way the Buds Live don’t protrude from the ears and Samsung claims this will allow for a “more natural appearance”.

Since not all ears are the same in shape in size, the Buds Live can be attached to wingtips for better ergonomics. On the inside there is a 12 mm speaker and bass duct, while on the outside there are three microphones and Voice Pickup Unit - it allows two of the microphones to locate the position of your mouth and where your voice comes from enabling both in-call noise cancellation and ANC when listening to music.

The Galaxy Buds Live come with Game Mode that reduces audio latency, and Samsung also brings Bixby voice wake-up (market-dependent). Battery life goes from 5.5 to 8 hours depending if you use the voice wake and ANC, while the charging case can bring the total endurance north of 20 hours in all cases. It supports quick charge, with 5 minutes on the wire bringing 1 hour of play time. There is also wireless charging that will work with any Qi charger.

Specs-wise, we have two earbuds that weigh 5.6 grams each, a case that is 42 grams more, and the battery life is 60 mAh per bud + 472 mAh in the case. There is a touch area on the upper side of the bean and the Buds Live come with Bluetooth 5.0 for connectivity.