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All in One】Designed specifically for the PlayStation 5 console (Disc or Digital versions), the ps5 controller, and PS5 game cases, this white cooling stand perfectly matches the aesthetic design of the PS5.【Efficient Cooling System】The dual-fan cooling system dissipates heat from your PS5 console quickly and efficiently. Variable speed fans power up or down based on the cooling needs of your system, for low noise output while maintaining maximum cooling efficiency.【Dual Controller Charger】Charge up to two DualSense wireless controllers at the same time using fast charge technology without having to connect them to your PS5 console. The click-in USB Type-C controller charger adapter is easy to use and protects your controller shell from scratches.【Multifunctional Stand】Includes an extra USB port that can be used to charge or connect to other external devices like tablets, phones, and cameras for data transfer and charging.

What's In The Box:1 x Vertical Stand1 x USB 2-in-1 Cable1 x User Manual(Vertical Stand ONLY. Console, Games, and Controllers are NOT included.)