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Cutting Hydrogel Plotter Mini: The perfect solution for precise cutting of hydrogel films!

Cutting Plotter Devia Mini

If you own a technology or cell phone store, you know how the application of hydrogel films to mobile devices requires precision and care. Introducing the Cutting Hydrogel Plotter Mini, an essential tool for professionals and enthusiasts who want to achieve perfect cuts in hydrogel films.

With the Cutting Hydrogel Plotter Mini, your customers will be able to customize hydrogel films to the specific model of their device, ensuring a perfect, bubble-free application. This tool uses high-precision plotting technology to create exact cuts for a professional result.

Our compact and easy-to-use machine is designed to fit into any working environment. It comes with intuitive software that allows users to select the device model, customize the cut design, and start the plotting process. With a few clicks, they will have a perfectly adapted hydrogel film at hand.

In addition, the Cutting Hydrogel Plotter Mini is compatible with a wide variety of hydrogel films available on the market. Your customers will have the freedom to choose the film of their choice, and count on the precision guaranteed by our equipment.

By offering the Cutting Hydrogel Plotter Mini in your store, you will be providing your customers with a high-quality, innovative solution. This is a unique opportunity to stand out from the competition and attract customers who want professional results with their hydrogel film applications.

Product Name DEVIA Fully automatic Intellegent film cutting plotter
Cutting material TPU,Nano, carbon firber, silk fabric material screen protetcor,Colorful back film,Aurora back film
Clear, matte, Anti blue ray front protector material
Support Full screen coverage, hole position fitting
Data base Real-time update, product information never stop
Maximum feed width 205mm
Maximum cutting width 195mm
Maximum straight-line cutting speed 250mm/s
Maximum curve cutting speed 200mm/s
Recutting accuracy 0.1mm
Reengraving accuracy 0.1mm
Maximum cutting pressure 1000g (1-4 gear setting)
Connection WiFi (2.4g), Bluetooth
Input 100-240V
Output 24V 2.75A DC
Power 36W
Specification 525*315*220mm
Certificate CE,ROHS,FCC
QC 100% tested by QC before shipment