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Bvot pro 4g/5g mobile wifi pw 510

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Regular price $38
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Bvot Pro 4G/5G Mobile WiFi pw 510

  • 2400 mah Battery
  • 8 Hours Usage
  • 10+1 Users
  • LTE 150 Mbps WiFi 300 Mbps


-Bvot 4/5G Mobile WiFi ProPW510 is a compact, portable, battery operated 4/5G WiFi hotspot with SIM card slot
-Insert your 5G SIM card into the Bvot 4G/5G Mobile WiFi Pro unit and connect to the high speed 4G/5G mobile broadband internet and connect your Laptop, Tablet, phone or any other WiFi enabled device and get super fast 5G mobile internet
-Portable 4G/5G for All Your Devices
-4G/5G Mobile WiFi Pro can convert 4G/5G signals to speedy Wi-Fi signals, so your 4G/5G phones, tablets and notebooks can experience the ultra-fast 5G network.
-Features a 24000mAh battery capacity
-8 Hours Usage
-8 And Above users
-LTE 150Mbps Wifi 300 Mbps
*NB Box Quantity for Bulk Orders: 100pcs

Package Weight: 99g

Package Dimensions: 4cm x 4.3cm x 14.5cm

Package Includes:

1 x 4G/5G Wifi Modern
1 x Manual
1 x Micro USB Cable