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The bubble-bro Origin Sparkling Water Maker turns still water into refreshing sparkling water in a matter of seconds. Just fill the included BPA-Free bottle with water, connect it to your bubble-bro Origin and push the carbonation button in short bursts until you hear the hissing sound of the pressure release valve, and you’re done!


The Origin Sparkling Water Maker has a quick-connect bottle mechanism making attaching and detaching your bottle a breeze. The built-in pressure release valve prevents you from over-pressurising your bottle when carbonating, and automatically releases excess pressure when you detach the bottle. All this makes the Origin a fuss-free, easy to use and reliable sparkling water maker.


The bubble-bro Origin does not require electricity or batteries to operate – it uses the pressure from your CO2 Cylinder to carbonate. It’s understated design and small footprint mean you can place it anywhere in your kitchen, office or practically any environment and it’ll fit right in!


With the Origin Sparkling Water Maker, you’ll never have to buy another bottle of sparkling water again – you’ll save money and the environment. The reusable 1L BPA-Free bottle (carbonation capacity 850ml) can help you replace thousands of store-bought bottles from ending up in the bin – additional bottles including a single-serve 500ml bottle (carbonation capacity: 450) are also available separately.


As the Origin is operated manually, you can control the level of carbonation by adjusting the number of bursts of CO2 that you pass through each bottle. After carbonating, add flavours to your fizzy water make your own delicious sodas, add a slice of lemon or lime, or create your own recipes for your perfect sparkling water or soda.


Please note that the Origin Sparkling Water Maker can only carbonate water. If you would like a soda maker that can carbonate any pulp-free drink check out the Drinkmate Home Soda Maker

The DrinkMate Home Soda Maker is an electricity and battery-free beverage carbonation machine that allows you to take full control of how you make your sodas. With the DrinkMate Soda Maker you can carbonate almost any beverage thanks to its patented detachable ‘Fizz Infuser’ and technology that allows users to control the speed at which excess CO2 from the carbonation process is released from the bottle. Typical soda makers can only carbonate water, so the DrinkMate Soda Maker stands head and shoulders above the rest!

If you’re after a smarter, cheaper way to have your sparkling water, want to take control of what’s your sodas, or even want to bring flat drinks back to life, the DrinkMate is all you need.

  • The DrinkMate Soda Maker allows you to carbonate practically any pulp-free drink in your fridge.
  • Patented detachable Fizz Infuser and dual-valve system allows you to control the release of CO2. This means you can still carbonate juices or any beverages that produce more foam by gradually releasing excess CO2 through the release valves. No mess, no fuss!
  • Easy to use and clean, plus it doesn’t require electricity or batteries.
  • Small footprint, so you won’t have to give up valuable counter space.
  • Comes with a Quick connect BPA-free bottle (spares are available separately).
  • Utilises a CO2 cylinder capable of producing up to 60L of carbonated drinks (one cylinder included in the pack – additional cylinders can be purchased separately).
  • Bubble-bro is the authorised distributor of Drinkmate in the United Arab Emirates. We also carry ample stock of cylinders and provide a cylinder exchange service.